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Thank you for choosing The Opulent Financial Experience, LLC (TOFE). The Opulent Financial Experience, LLC is an experienced, dedicated, and trustworthy company that has worked with many clients to remove harmful credit data, address debt issues, and rebuild the clients’ credit scores to obtain financing in the future. Our philosophy at TOFE is to prepare each client for funding in the future by pulling together all available resources and strategically attacking any problems. We want to provide you with a better financial experience because your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

Welcome to the TOFE Family!

Imagine being able to open the door of every opportunity in your life. You can with The Opulent Financial Experience LLC, a leading provider of credit restoration and education services. TOFE Team is committed to providing credit repair and educational products and services in markets across the U.S. Our founder and CEO, Nicole Devenport, built this organization because she wants everyone to experience THE OPULENT economic environment where clients don’t feel pressured out of necessity; THE OPULENT home office atmosphere where everyone lives better together; and THE OPULENT community that fosters a lifestyle of great choices, higher credit scores, and credit education.

            The Opulent Financial Experience is not just about credit repair. We stand behind our work and assist with the entire process of repairing your score and getting you back into a favorable financial situation. The team at Opulent Financial Experience has been trained to provide the highest level of credit repair services honestly and ethically. The Opulent Financial Experience, LLC is certified, bonded, and committed to ensuring that our clients have excellent credit scores and proper credit education.

                        The Opulent Financial Experience, LLC is committed to providing you with the “tools” that will empower you to take control of your financial destiny. We aim to provide clients with the essential resources, knowledge-base, and know-how required to sustain a lifestyle that supports the progression of generational wealth.

We make life manageable when we build the skills to achieve our success goals! I hope that our credit repair, training, coaching, and consulting services will be an absolute blessing to you and your family for generations! Experience Opulence!

We are looking forward to working with you!

Nicole Devenport, MBA
Owner & Principal Consultant The Opulent Financial Experience, LLC